Our signature line of edibles produced with your health in mind. 
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We utilize organic, non-GMO ingredients in our goods to ensure that we provide the healthiest option available. With tried and true recipes  our delicious products never fail. From savory to sweet and a menu that changes weekly there's flavours for all.   

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    Granola  Bars
  • Blueberry Cran. White Chocolate - Dosage: 20MG
  • Rasp. White Chocolate - Dosage: 20MG
  • PB Chocolate Chip - Dosage: 60MG
  • Chocolate Cherry Almond - Dosage: 45MG
  • Strawberry White Chocolate - Dosage: 60MG
     Chex Mix
  • Regular - Dosage: 100MG

Now Available in
  • Enlightenings
    • Located in Somerset, MA

Pet Snacks
(CBD ONly)

Flavors available
 Pumpkin Bacon
  • ​​CBD Dog Biscuits 16oz- Price: $38.00
  • CBD Dog Biscuits 8oz- Price: $20.00
                                                Sweet Potato Chews Coming Soon!!

Now available in
  • Falmouth Pet Center
    • Located in Falmouth, MA
  • Country Gardens
    • Located in Hyannais, MA
  • Enlightenings
    • Located in Somerset, MA
  • Positively Pets
    • Located in Centerville, MA
  • Irie Bliss Wellness
    • Located in Rockland, MA